Have you educated yourself?

Yeah, yeah, the internet can be a scary place, however it may have just the answers you need to give yourself the best shot possible. Don’t get too bogged down on the statistics and research results. Medicine moves at the speed of light, just like new cell phone technology. Many of the statistics you see online are from several years ago, are based on an age group you are not in or don’t know how determined you are to be head of the class.
Read everything you can read. Make a list of questions for your doctor and get a handle on your cancer. Your cancer may reside in your lymph glands, breast, stomach, colon etc. but what type is it? What are the specific proteins yours has? Is it an adenocarcinoma? Small cell? HER2 positive? BRACA positive? Yadda yadda yadda… All this matters. These are the indicators that match you to a chemo or immunotherapy that could result in the best outcome.
Connect. Make connections to cancer centers that may have a trial or other treatment. You and your doctor can collaborate with this distant cancer center and give you more information. Reach out to someone in your shoes. Knowledge is power and power is what you need now. Allow yourself to connect with others across the country. Even though you don’t know them, you will find yourself checking in on them. Believe me, they need a pat on the back just as much as you do!

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