That tingly feeling – aka Neuropathy

No, it’s not that love is in the air. Though that warm loving feeling is just what you need when you feel the tingling from neuropathy as you open the refrigerator door, drink a cold soft drink or walk into an over air-conditioned room.
From slight tingling in your fingertips and toes, to thinking you are being stabbed with a fork, to feeling paralyzed from your knees or elbows down, certain chemos ending in “-platin” have a side-effect that affects your nerve endings. It usually is temporary, however it can become permanent the longer you are on a -platin chemo. Always tell your doctor if you have any mild or severe numbness. They can reduce the level of -platin chemo by a percentage or even discontinue it completely, if absolutely necessary.
I first felt neuropathy the evening of one of my chemo sessions when I was texting and my thumbs would not bend to type my message! I tried my index fingers and they would not bend either. When I got up to walk, I almost fell over because my legs from the knees down had frozen. Also feeling cold, I wrapped up my legs and hands, went outside in the warm air and started to thaw out.
Now, 5 months after chemo ended, I am doing acupuncture to repair the nerves and restore normal feeling. Yes, cold still bothers me so I basically dress around the shoes that will keep my feet warm and carry a sweater or wrap with me always. Yes, it does feel odd to carry a sweater in 90 degree weather, but no one has ever looked at me sideways.
I bought those hot packets that hunters and skiiers use in their boots and gloves and they sure help. It’s just they are hard to find in the summer. Another thing I tried was the ThemaCare heat pads that come for your feet, back, neck, The work great, just know you can’t cut them to fit in your shoes. Electric blankets are the bee’s knees! Keep one at your office, in your bedroom and in your family room. There are even ones that are small like a shawl size, which is perfect for wrapping around your feet under your desk 😊.

So when someone say, “you must be hot”. Say, “I know” and smile.

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