cancer low white cell hospital mask

What do Chemo & Halloween have in common? Masks!

Who cares, if you need one, wear it! Bring out the inner child in you and rock a self-drawn smile on front. I noticed that I tended to look away when I almost encountered someone wearing a mask. My thought was that they probably are not at their best and surely don’t want to be looked at. Then, I had to wear one and I could not stand the way people diverted their eyes when I approached! What the HEY! So before my treatment one day, I took a black #Sharpie and drew a simple smile on the front of my oh so not fancy yellow mask. It worked! People in the elevator smiled at me. Doctors said they needed one! #newbusinessideathatIwishIhadtimefor Post pictures of your happy mask!
Best practices….don’t reuse your mask if you can. These are disposable and in our condition, we need to have things as clean as ultimately possible. Buy a box, ask your doc for a handful or grab one when you enter your treatment center. Many have them right at the entrance to the facility. Just have your sharpie in your pocket!
Remember, if your white cells are low, you need a mask anytime you are away from your house.

Which superhero do you want to pretend to be?

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