It’s not the fair, it’s the Cancer rollercoaster.

Get strapped in and let’s go for the ride. The day you get your diagnosis, you are at the bottom of the incline. There is no describing this day to anyone and there is nothing, not even a new puppy, that can make you feel any better. Come on Bright Side, I’m ready for you. Then it comes, you learn about the success rate with a particular treatment and you get temporary comfort from your team. Then you begin treatment or have surgery, or both…weeeeee and we are back down again. Surgery is over, treatment is starting and it’s tolerable. Up, down, up, down, then you finish treatment. Yay, back up again! Three months later, you walk back into the hospital for your scans and your stomach has that queasy feeling as you drop straight down from your temporary high. Scans come back clear! Yessss! We are up again! Then you feel something odd…oh no, could it be back? Great, it was just a temporary feeling. Time for scans again…oh no, this might be something. Yes, it is. You try to ease your mind, no treatment is necessary now, but what if….. Scan again in 3 more months, and yes, it is something. More treatment. Yay, you are clear again! Not so fast, someone calls you about a friend who was just diagnosed and they need to know how to start the battle. Yup, there it is again. You get off the phone and feel great because someone could benefit from all this knowledge you have stored. So, right, it’s not useless information after all.
And the ride goes on. The best advice is not to let yourself experience deep lows or extreme highs. Try to stay as neutral as possible. Let the others around you carry the burden of the emotional lows and highs for you. They asked you “what can I do for you”, right?

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