Change Change Change

Change change change…
Ok, I’m known for getting song lyrics wrong. It’s really Aretha Franklin’s “Chain Chain Chain..” Oh well, what I am not wrong about is committing to making a change for the new year. Future generations are going to look back on us and SMH (shaking my head) at us for all the bad bad bad food and medication choices we are now making.
Look around, we are the generation of, “there’s a pill for that”. Want to lose weight, here you go. Want to be happier, here you go. Want to have more stamina, here you go. Don’t get me started on grow it fast, grow it cheap food supply.
So, what’s a person to do to commit to a healthier life this year?
1. Reduce sugar. Hail the Starbucks PSL, Grande Soy Chai, not to mention the Midnight Mocha Frap, one won’t “kill” you, but one or 4 a week will. Me, thirsty, at the airport, standing in front of the Starbucks menu and trying to be healthier, it hits me. Order the Chai tea that comes as a tea bag, not sugary syrup, add Almond Milk, extra hot = done! Sprinkle a little Cinnamon for good luck and off to my gate and my new favorite.
2. Reduce preservatives. What do I buy that I can make myself without preservatives? Almond Milk! Maybe I should be the new healthy alternative supplier of Almond Milk to coffee shops everywhere?? No. Think “achievable goal” here. Every other night, I put ¾ cups of raw almonds in a blender and add water to cover. In the morning, I drain, rinse and then add 3 ½ cups of water and blend. I strain off the remaining almond chunks and wa la, I have a large mason jar of super duper fresh almond milk, just for me. So much faster than driving to the grocery, standing in line, only to eat a dose of preservatives.
3. Reduce inflammation. Inflammation is a breeding ground for cancer. So, very simply, commit to avoiding foods that cause inflammation. If your body is in discomfort (joint pain, stomach pain, headaches…) do your research and if you uncover a simple diet change you can try, well…try it! I learned that the protective wall of our digestive systems is 2 cells thick. (I can’t even see that with my most powerful reading glasses!) When it becomes inflamed from something I have eaten, it stretches and openings form. Through these holes freely flows preservatives, artificial sweeteners, fats, acids in foods, plaque and more, all looking for a home in a neighborhood where they are not welcome.
4. Reduce unnecessary medication. If possible, see if you can build your immune system, rather than letting Kroger do it. Winter cold? Get some extra sleep, drink hot tea, eat some vegetable soup, repeat. Low grade fever? See if your body’s immune system can handle the battle. Headache? Maybe you are getting dehydrated. Drink water, not coffee, not tea, not soda. Water.
Resolve to change a few things in the way you take care of yourself. Set an achievable goal and get going. Aretha might even be fine with my version of her song, if she knew how many people she can inspire. Change change change!!

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