It’s not that I don’t like you, it’s just my white cells are low.

Quarantine me – not just for world travelers anymore – If your white cells are low, quarantine yourself. This is another one of those things you can control and get an A++ at. Running to Walmart isn’t worth the serious virus or infection you could come home with. Go with me on this one.
Pretend you are on a Staycation. Watch all those #Netflix series you promised yourself you would watch. Try some new recipes. Start needlepointing a Christmas stocking (I did 2 of them). Stay away from hotels, stores, restaurants, schools period!
If people ask to come over, be honest, tell them you are at risk of infection. Who wants to be “that guy who made you sick”? After your numbers are up, let them come over. Just remember this does not mean partay! Any illness you get is more serious and complicated because it’s you and you don’t have much ammo to fight it with, so be careful!
So what can you do? I played tennis! I realized that I could be on one side of the net and the nearest human was over 100 feet from me! Score!!! Since I could not fly in an airplane or stay at a hotel, my husband and I drove to a friend’s condo and stayed there for a week together. We cooked, hiked, read and drove back home. All of those friends who have condos and lake houses, or friends of theirs who have condos and lake houses, or dear family members (distant or not) who have condos or lake houses, take them up on their offer to “do anything they can to help you”. As little of a trip as this sounds like, it gives you something to look forward to, prepare for and remember as your “happy place” when the tough days come.Slippers

Teenage Mutant Ninja Cells

SmartSelectImage_2017-11-05-20-23-20So, how do we get cancer? After asking and asking…here is what I have pieced together. First, we all have cancer in our bodies. A properly working immune system sees the properly identified bad cells as “bad” and gets rid of them, like it is supposed to.
Here is where is gets complicated, when your immune system sees bad cells as “good” it allows them to grow and we call these constantly multiplying cells cancer. Where do these tricky demon cells come from? So, we all have DNA, follow me so far? (that was the easiest part of this explanation) Apparently, our DNA gets damaged or mutated, either from an illness, stress, an injury, hereditary, from birth, environmental, from something we injested or somewhere else. This occurrence leaves a mutated gene in our DNA. So when something appears in our body that this gene was supposed to identify as bad, gets identified as good, it slips the system and is allowed to find a home somewhere in our body. An analogy I was given, is that these cells are kind of thrown out like grass seed and they try to find a place to stick. Once they find that place, they thrive and become unwanted cancer.
So how do we avoid having our good cells behaving badly? Simple, avoid stress, never get sick, never get injured, don’t eat anything, don’t breathe anything, it’s easy!